Monday, July 03, 2006

Ferry Corsten-L.E.F. Review

I just finished listening to Ferry Corsten's new Album L.E.F.(Benelux Edition). I am really impressed with this album. It is not genre redifining or classic trance but instead Ferry decided to be creative and step out of the traditional trance genre. He used creativity and imagination and stepped out of the box. I really liked that it was an eclectic genre.

Funky Electro Disco Trance is what I would call it. It starts out very dancy but it is a very good album to listen to. There are so many tracks with beautiful sexy vocals. It ends also being dancy. The most trancy songs on there are Fire and Watch Out but they fit perfectly with the album. It sounded like proggy/funky house during some moments but it never stopped sounding like a mix of elctro/trance.

I give it a 5/5. I came to the album with expecetations and had them shattered but once I was done listening to the album I thought it was brilliant. At first when I was listening to it I thought this is not as good as I thought it was going to be but I opened my mind and discovered that it was brilliant since Ferry Corsten stepped out of his usual trance zone and pulled off a very electic funky sound.

I would highly recommend you listen to this album.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Favorite DJs and Artist

My favorite DJs and Artists right now are Gabriel & Dresden. They have had a great year. I have always liked them a lot. I saw them live for the first time at Coachella and they totally blew me away. I heard their Essential Mix and it was spectacular. Their new self-titled album came out and it was completely amazing. Their album is my favorite album of all time. It has a lot of amazing tracks on it. They did a great job. Then I saw them live for the second time in 3 months at the Electric Daisy Carnival and they totally rocked. I got in the front row and was dancing like crazy. So the Coachella, Essential Mix, New Album, EDC combo combined with me listening to all the great remixes I have from them and their productions as Andain and Motorcycle have made them my favorite artists. Gabriel & Dresden have well earned their status as some of the top DJs/top remixers/top producers in the world.

Pictures of them from EDC:

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Pictures of them:

Friday, June 23, 2006


Tiësto is one of the top 3 DJs in the world along with Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk. However I have noticed a lot of mixed feelings towards him in the trance and EDM scene. He is a love him or hate him kind of guy right now(mostly love though). Personally I love Tiesto. He is a great producer, a great DJ, and a great remixer and he is vital to the trance scene that exists today. I hear a few people say that they don't like his style anymore or that they think the fame has gotten to him and he thinks he is all that and he isn't. Personally I think Tiesto still rocks! Even if he did think he was all that there are so many great new DJs and producers emerging in the scene that he would have to do his best to keep up with his current status. I think Tiesto probably has some great tunes he is working on up his sleeve right now. And from what I have heard the Tiesto in Concert performances were brilliant. I hope Tiesto keeps blowing us away.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Coachella was freaking amazing. Here is my review of Coachella this year. I was front and center the whole time in the Sahara tent. Colette was a good start to the night on Saturday at 5PM. She sang a little bit and played a lot of house. Then Derick Carter came on at 6:00 and rocked the house with house and techno. Perfect lead up to Carl Cox. Carl Cox came on at 7PM and did a 2 hour set. It was awesome. I saw punk rockers dancing to Carl Cox. It was definitely a great set. Everyone was dancing like crazy. After Carl Cox finished the Audio Bullys came on. They sucked. No one danced at all for the first five minutes. Then I left because they were bad. I saw Damian Marley and Depeche Mode. Stars of the night Daft Punk came on at 11PM and played til midnight. Until then only dance music fans were in the Sahara tent. But almost everyone at Coachella went to see Daft Punk (48,000 people total most of them were there). I saw them for 20 minutes because I had to go look for my friend but they rocked. They kept a ton of people who don't usually like dance music. A friend of mine who is a rocker went and loved Daft Punk. I was front and center the whole time until I left for Damian Marley and came back for Daft Punk I was outside watching them on the big screen and listening to them.

Kristina Sky started at noon and totally rocked the house. I got there late at 1:15PM and she was supposed to end at 1:30PM. Her set was freaking amazing and the crowd totally loved her. She had everyone dancing like crazy in 100 degree weather. Gabriel & Dresden let her play for an extra 30 minutes. The crowd was totally into her. A lot of people had never heard of her and thought she was completely awesome. Perfect lead up to Gabriel & Dresden. They had a great show. I had to leave at 2:40PM but I loved their set. I am sure it just got better and better. Since it was 100 degrees Sunday, I wore my bikini top and shortshorts and a blue cowboy hat and drank water and was fanning myself the whole time. Kristina Sky recognized me and waved to me and said hi. Dresden saw me waving to him and pumping my arms in the air and he waved back to me and pumped his arms back at me and was looking at me for a good couple of seconds(5-10). I was sad I had to leave early. I had a hard time leaving Gabriel & Dresden.

So all in all Coachella had a great dance tent and I loved it. Little tidbit about the tent. There was dancing room!!! Imagine that! Dancing room when you are 10 feet in front of Carl Cox. Dancing room when you are 10 feet in front of Gabriel & Dresden. The reason it worked out was becauase they divided the tent into three areas divided by black metal little fences and there were two entrances to the very front of the tent were I was with a guard at each gate. That way if you were really into dancing you could go in the front. If you just wanted to dance a little you could go in the middle. And if you just wanted to sit down or lay down you could go in the back and chill.

Derick Carter played a techno remix of Kanye's Golddigger. I really liked it. Sunday was supposed to be a great night. I had to leave early though too bad. Gabriel & Dresden played a remix of Gnarls Barley's Crazy. Kristina Sky played Coldplay's Talk(Junkie XL remix)It was a great song to play there. Gabriel & Dresden played Tracking Treasure down and it was great.

Interestingly the music was least loud in front of the DJ. It was much louder on the sides and in the back. The only thing that sucked about it was that there were a ton of people smoking and drinking there. I am really glad I got to see Kristina Sky live. I had a great time and I can't wait til Electric Daisy Carnival and Giant Village this summer.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I am a poor 17 year old from Los Angeles,CA in the US so I can't go to the LoveParade this year but I have the opportunity to vote for which floats are going to be there. I am most enthusiastic about the TranceAddicts and floats. There are a lot of great choices. There are those two which I highly recommend and there are also floats for Paul Van Dyk with the Vandit float and Tiesto has a float. Half the floats will be decided by voters and the other half will be decided by experts from the electronic dance music scene. If you are a electronic dance music fan I would very much encourage you to vote.(You only get one vote per person)

PS I couldn't decide so I voted for TranceAddicts and I got my friend to vote for

Tranceaddict at Loveparade Germany 2006!

If you want to vote for here are the instructions:

*** New - Specific voting instructions ***

1. Register to Vote at click below:

2. Log in to Vote

3. Paste this link to vote for the float after you are logged in:

Click Vote and you're done!

To Vote for TranceAddicts
How to vote:

1) Register at

2) Log-in to vote:

3) Select International -> Canada -> Tranceaddict

Winter Music Conference

This is a documentary about the Winter Music Conference and the Ultra Music Festival. Basically once a year around spring break everyone who is into dance/electronica music gets together in Miami for a week and it is a blast. 1000 parties, 5000 DJS Enjoy:

My most recently played songs:

Monday, April 24, 2006

Kristina Sky

Kristina Sky is my favorite local DJ. She has a great sound and a great vibe. She has a residency at Spundae right now. She has had a residency at Club Heaven before and she has a show that airs every other week on

Kyau vs. Albert & My Favorite DJs

I am a big trance fan. My favorite up and coming DJs right now are Kyau vs. Albert, Kristina Sky, and Tania Mann. They are not superstars yet(well kyau and albert are getting there) but I know they are going to be big hits.

Randy Boyer Awesome DJ