Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I am a poor 17 year old from Los Angeles,CA in the US so I can't go to the LoveParade this year but I have the opportunity to vote for which floats are going to be there. I am most enthusiastic about the TranceAddicts and Trance.nu floats. There are a lot of great choices. There are those two which I highly recommend and there are also floats for Paul Van Dyk with the Vandit float and Tiesto has a float. Half the floats will be decided by voters and the other half will be decided by experts from the electronic dance music scene. If you are a electronic dance music fan I would very much encourage you to vote.(You only get one vote per person)

PS I couldn't decide so I voted for TranceAddicts and I got my friend to vote for Trance.nu.

Tranceaddict at Loveparade Germany 2006!

If you want to vote for trance.nu here are the instructions:

*** New - Specific voting instructions ***

1. Register to Vote at http://www.loveparde.net click below:

2. Log in to Vote

3. Paste this link to vote for the trance.nu float after you are logged in:

Click Vote and you're done!

To Vote for TranceAddicts
How to vote:

1) Register at www.Loveparade.net

2) Log-in to vote: www.loveparade.net/login.php?Pplang=en

3) Select International -> Canada -> Tranceaddict

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