Friday, June 23, 2006


Tiësto is one of the top 3 DJs in the world along with Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk. However I have noticed a lot of mixed feelings towards him in the trance and EDM scene. He is a love him or hate him kind of guy right now(mostly love though). Personally I love Tiesto. He is a great producer, a great DJ, and a great remixer and he is vital to the trance scene that exists today. I hear a few people say that they don't like his style anymore or that they think the fame has gotten to him and he thinks he is all that and he isn't. Personally I think Tiesto still rocks! Even if he did think he was all that there are so many great new DJs and producers emerging in the scene that he would have to do his best to keep up with his current status. I think Tiesto probably has some great tunes he is working on up his sleeve right now. And from what I have heard the Tiesto in Concert performances were brilliant. I hope Tiesto keeps blowing us away.

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