Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rocio's Guide to Becoming/ Being a Raver In DC

I actually myself am a newbie to the DC scene, I just got here two months ago to go to college but I have been raving for over a year and a half in the LA/Southern California Scene.

If you are interested in starting to rave here in DC then I am giving you a guide here on how to do that well.

First off the most active forums around for the DC scene is definitely the Buzzlife forums, that is where DC ravers gather on the internet.

They tell you where and when a lot of dance music events are.

Ibiza & Fur are the trance/house clubs around here that have the most stuff going on. They are great, 18+, and you can get to them via the metro subway which drops you right in front of the clubs. Club Five also has some edm stuff but it is 21+.

Ibiza is trance/house on Saturdays and you can get in free if you print out a pass from their website. Fur is EDM on Fridays & Saturdays (there is a guestlist for saturdays). Fridays at Fur are much more of an EDM crowd while Saturdays at Fur bring more of a mainstream crowd.

Secondly I would recommend that you join the DC Raves mailing list if looking for rave ties in the DC scene.

I find out about a lot of stuff that way and thats how I connect with DC Ravers.

Thirdly, The East Coast Party Planner on TranceAddict is the best calendar of what is going on in the clubs in DC and NYC.

There are some raves here in DC & Baltimore but I haven't gone to any yet and they don't happen every weekend. DC Raves Mailing list is probably the best way to find out about those.

But I definitely think DC has undergone a Rave/ Electronic Dance Music Scene renaissance & since I got here a month ago I have seen Gabriel & Dresden, Tiesto, Moby, Sander Van Doorn, Benny Benassi, and Deepsky & Jes, Scumfrog, Sander Kleinenberg, Paul Van Dyk, & Carl Cox. & Kyau & Albert, Armin, Eric Prydz, Paul Oakenfold, Sandra Collins, and Kenneth Thomas are scheduled to play in the next month. Thats amazing considering this is DC and not NYC. So these are great lucky times for the scene.

Hope this helps someone and that you have fun and enjoy the DC scene if you are at all interested!